Lipowise skinfold calliper

A new digital and connected skinfold calliper for measuring body composition

Automatically measures, analyses and collects data.
Provides faster and more accurate body composition analysis results.

Lipowise skinfold calliper in sports
Lipowise skinfold calliper in nutrition

Lipowise is a revolutionary, patented and connected skinfold calliper.

Get 20% better accuracy and 30% faster skinfold measurements.

Lipowise’s automatic data collection facilitates body composition assessment.

The Lipowises system provides a complete anthropometric and dietary assessment.

The result of the skinfold thickness measurement is collected automatically, which makes the procedure more paccurate, faster and easier.

Create your own, fully customizable, Measurement Workflow

Join an easyto-use ecosystem built to optimize your appointments and track your patientsprogress.

Lipowise offers the right tools to facilitate anthropometric measurements, giving you the possibility to create your own customizable measurement workflow:

  • Bluetooh conected skinfold calliper
  • Android/iOS mobile applications to perform the assessment of your clients
  • Access to Wiser network web app to manage your clients and entity

Upgrade from an isolated to a connected world!

Lipowise provides features that makes it truly unique. Have you ever envisioned a connected tool offering you a:

Lipowise skinfold calliper device

Skinfold Calliper

Lipowise skinfold calliper App

Mobile App

Lipowise skinfold calliper webapp wiser-net

Web App

You can manage several customers and track their progress.

Lipowise skinfold calliper track record

Track record

Lipowise skinfold calliper data export

Export Files

Lipowise skinfold calliper quick analysis

Quick Analysis

Lipowise skinfold calliper data collection

Automatic Data Collection

Lipowise skinfold calliper intuitive

Intuitive Workflow

Lipowise skinfold calliper integration

Integration with different devices

And that’s not all.

We are reconized by some of the best sports and dietetics/nutrition professionals in different fields:

Lipowise skinfold calliper partners

Aspetar Qatar
FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

Espregueira Mendes

Espregueira Mendes Sports Centre
FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

Centro de Alto Rendimento do Jamor

High Performance
Sport Centre of Jamor

University of Porto

University of Porto

Lipowise skinfold calliper academy

+20 Published Papers. We are always looking to innovate!

We understand that data validation is mandatory to provide a stable and accurate solution, that’s why we are being tested in several international Universities.



* Renews the software PREMIUM at 15€/month. Cancel anytime.



* Renews the software PREMIUM at 15€/month. Cancel anytime.

SOFTWARE FEATURES (Android/iOS App & Web App)
+50 predictive equations for body composition and sum of skinfolds
Patients, Professionals and Entity management
Generation and share of reports
Protection of client confidentiality and data in accordance with the RGPD
Data export
Dynamic compressibility analysis of adipose tissue
Personalized customer support
Dashboard to monitor patients clinical status
Back-up and recovery data
Data access on any device (via mobile data)
Possibility of interoperability with ICT systems

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My experience using Lipowise started in 2012, as a researcher in a project on healthy ageing. The quality of the equipment and its precision in data collection were amazing. After all these years, the device works perfectly, and without the need for any kind of technical intervention. The battery life is also amazing!

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